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Greymane Digital and Chromashots Events Services are the Combined Commercial Photography, Video and Aerial Photography Sites Owned and Operated by Bill Chandler, of Houston, TX. Since 2004.
ChromaShots Event Services and Aerial Photography
Greymane Connections, Inc. - Since 1997 - A Texas Corporation.
"Flying Colors" Aerial Photo Services Available From Greymane Digital
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We Provide Real Estate Photos, High Definition Photo and Video Home Tours, Aerial Drone Services and Custom On-site Convention and Business Events and Services.

We Are Certified under FAA Section 333 to provide services with Aerial Drone Camera Platforms for Photos and Video. Our COA Certficate is COA 14040.

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It's The Law.

Can Anyone Take or Use Commercial Aerials Of Any Type Produced For Them By Any Non-FCC Licensed Photographer Legally?

A drone with a High Definition Camera mounted to it can create some very stunning visuals in the form of Videos and Photos. I don’t think anyone would dispute this fact, but there’s a problem and it’s a legal one. Right now it’s illegal to use any video or photos produced from a drone in a commercial application without the proper licensing and authorizations from the FAA. 

Example: A real estate agent using a drone for creating photos and virtual tours would be in violation of the law if they did not comply with the current set of FAA Regulations in place.

To take or  use any aerial images or video you must use an FCC Section 333 licensed provider to take those images or videos. Failure to do so can result in fines of up to $10,000 for each photo or video taken.

Greymane / Chromashots Provides

Commercial UAV/UAS Aerial Drone Services

FAA Section 333 - COA 14040.

Greymane / ChromaShots

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"Flying Colors" Aerial

Up to 4K UHD Video and 12Mpxl HD Images. Stabilized Aerial UHD Photos and Videos For any Business Need From Our DJI Phantom III Professional Flying Camera Platform Click This Image To Visit Our Pricing For These and Other Services.